How to Remove Old Paint?

Have you also decided to get rid of your old paint? If yes, then you land in the right place. For removing the old paint, you have various options such as which surface you want to remove paint and how much paint you want to vanish. Here are some important steps that help you to remove the old paint from interior surfaces.

Step #1 _ Understand the Base under the Paint

Find out about the base under the paint. Do not use chemical paint removers, if the base under the paint is drywall. The sandpaper is good, but an orbital sander is the best option for removing the paint from plain wood doors and hardwood floors.

Step #2 _ Clean the Paint Mess

Use grease-cutting cleaner, dish detergent, and another household cleaner to clean the old paint mess. Clean the walls and doors thoroughly and rinse it water. Allow the walls to dry overnight for processing the next step.

Step #3 _ Cover the Edges

Cover the edges and corners with tape where you don’t want to remove the paint. In this way, you can save those corners from sanding and spraying.

Step #4 _ Carefully Apply Paint Remover

Most of the paint removers are eco-friendly and comes in a trigger bottle. You only have to spray the paint remover on the walls and door’s baseboard and allow it to resolve the paint. After a few minutes, wipe this spray with towel and paper clothes. Use scrapper for removing the paint flakes. No matter if you are using an eco-friendly spray or not, always take extra precautionary measures and wear goggles and gloves.

Step #5 _ Prepare the Area for Sanding

Remove all the hangings, furniture, and cover all the edges that do not need sanding. You can use 60-grit sandpaper to state your sanding, but you can get the best results with an orbital sander for covering the large surface in less time. After the first sanding session, clean the whole area with a vacuum. So, you can see the results of sanding; repeat this step several times until you get the desired outcome.

Step #6 _ Heat Removal Method

Some people have respiratory allergies, and they cannot use paint removal sprays. Infrared Heat Removal is another method to remove old paint even from hazardous places too. You only have to warm the paint with an infrared heater and then clean it with scrapper.