The Definitive Guide to Turtle Aquarium

Are you planning on getting a turtle? That’s great! Turtles are one of the most amazing and low maintenance pet. They tend to be shy and gentle but they are very affectionate.

Pet turtles need both land and water in their habitat.  Aquatic turtle spends 75% of their time in water and 25% on land for basking. These turtles need enough space for swimming.

best substrate for turtles grow up fast in suitable growing habitat. A young red-eared slider turtle needs a 3ft long tank whereas an adult turtle needs twice as big of the young slider.

Choosing the right tank for Aquarium

Since a suitable habitat is very important for the health of your turtle, make sure you choose an aquarium design that has enough space for basking and swimming area.  Some tanks are designed for terrestrial reptiles and if you try to put water in it, it will shatter into pieces.

The size and shape of the tank for aquarium matter a lot, when it comes to your turtle specie. The tank should be strong enough to hold water. Bigger is better when it comes to the turtle aquariums.

Make sure there is enough space for the basking area if your turtle is an aquatic one. All the tanks need to have a cover on top of them. Glass and Plexiglas covers are not recommended for turtle aquarium because they filter out the UVB light turtle needs for surviving.

The UVB light lamp is a must for turtle aquarium. Lightning is very important for the growth of your turtle. The other important thing is the substrate for your turtle’s aquarium. The substrate can be anything that covers up the bottom of the tank like sand, pebbles, natural fiber, or crushed coral.

The Best Turtle Aquarium

Every pet owner wants to have the best for their little friend. We have compiled a list few of the best turtle aquarium design options for your turtle and they ensure quality housing and best suitable habitat.

  1. Turtle & Aquatic Reptile Starter kit by Aqua Culture – The tank material is glass and the capacity is 10 gallons. It is the best decorative and aesthetic aquarium.
  2. Dual Dome Lamps Reptile Tetra Aquarium Glass Kit by Tetra care – the tank is made up of glass and the capacity is around 20 gallons.
  3. Aquarium Tank Kit Reptile Habitat Setup with E-Book by STSSLTD – the tank is made up of glass and the capacity is 10 gallons. It is one of the best habitat aquarium providing all the basic needs to your turtle.
  4. Desktop Aquatic Turtle Aquarium Starter Kit by Saim – the tank is made of plastic and the capacity is 5 gallons. It is a desktop station hence very compact.
  5. Basic Kit Aquarium by Aqueon – the tank is made of glass/plastic material and the capacity is 10 gallons. It is the best suitable option for beginners.

There are plenty of options available in the market for your turtle’s aquarium. Before you decide on getting one, make sure you have considered all the necessary features and products to maintain a healthy and stable habitat for your turtle.